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Grateful and Blessed

Grateful andBlessed
Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Hello everyone, I'm gonna ask you a question,
Have you ever feel grateful and blessed in your life?

Now I'm gonna share you my experience when I feel really grateful and blessed.

This is happen when I still 8 years old. That day, me and my sister was travelling to Makassar. We were travelling there to spend the holiday. We went there by a plane and arrive there at night.

In the morning, me and my sister went to a beach. It's still morning but the beach is already full by people. Many people swimming and play kind of water sports. I was really excited to try a jetski. But I wasn't old enough to ride it by myself.

But then, someone ask me to ride the jetski with him. I was really happy there. I leave my phone with my sister.We ride it for about 30 minutes. Then we stop at the middle of the sea to enjoy the paradise. After that, we went back to the beach.

When I arrived at the beach, I can't found my sis…
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INTRODUCTION    This is my first day at high school. I meet with someone before go to my classrom. We are get to know each other.

Abyan  : Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Fadhlan: Waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Abyan  : Hello, I'm Abyan, May I know your name? Fadhlan: Of course, I'm Fadhlan. Where did you come from? Abyan  : I come from Cianjur, what about you? Fadhlan: I'm from Bandung. Where did you learn before? Abyan  : In Al Azhar Junior High School Cianjur, and you? Fadhlan: In Junior High School 5 Bandung. Abyan  : Which class are you in? Fadhlan: X Science 3 Abyan  : Wow, we are at the same class. Fadhlan: Really? Abyan  : Yeah Fadhlan: Okay, I hope we can enjoy the class and be a good friend. Abyan  : Me too. Let's go to the class.

All About Me

All About Me
  Hello, my name is Mohamad Fadhlan Miftah Firdaus but you can call me Fadhlan. I am 15 years old now. I live in Bandung since I was born. I live here with my family. I have two sisters, they are Fadhila and Firanda. I am study in Senior High School 3 in Bandung. I want to be a good doctor in the future, that's why I try to study harder.
  Before I entered Senior High School 3, I was study at Junior High School 5 Bandung. Some of my friend at junior high school are entered a different senior high school, that's why at the first day at high school, I make friends with many student from various junior high school.
  I have many hobbies, some of it are playing games, listening to music, and travelling. When I was listen to music, I like listen to Bruno Mars song. My favorite food is steak. 
  In my dream to be a doctor in the future, I always try to study well in biology. But in the first biology lesson in senior high school, I was hard to learn it. That's why I keep…